A large-scale logistics platform, a bi-modal platform

7 warehouses
250,000 m² total storage surface
123,000 m² directly connected to rail links
Sector Location Surface area Building Building surface area
1 N.W. 297,000 m² A 33,200 m²
1 - - B 28,400 m²
1 - - C 32,700 m²
1 - - D 28,000 m²
2 N.E. 81,000 m² E 25,100 m²
3 N.O. 143,000 m² F 51,700 m²
4 N.O. 139,000 m² G 50,500 m²
Independent buildings located within their own secured area.

Layout :

At the crossroads of two major motorways, the Coeur d’Europe logistic platform is divided into 4 separated sectors.

4 sectors

Each sector and each building is individually fenced off and benefits from its own specific entrance.
In addition to heavy goods parking located to the right of the unloading bays, each warehouse has private staff and visitor parking.


Sector 1: Buildings A to D have direct connections to the rail links.
At the entrance of sector 1, we find a secure waiting bay (or station) for heavy goods vehicles benefiting from a 24 hour security service. The security booth is located at the limit of the public area.
Security is also available in sectors 2, 3 and 4 depending on operators’ needs.
Furthermore, Sector 3 may also include, depending on requirements, an annex or independent building of 3,300 to 5,000 m2 for “returns” storage.

Premises for sale or rent

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