Aviation® SPACE 24® concrete structure

With a 24 x 23 metre frame, SPACE 24® every other line of posts cvan be removed compared to s standard building!
Or an average of only one post every 650m2 (compared to 285m2 for a standard 24x12m structure).
Fire doors between the units : yes
Unit surface area : 5,280 m² to 5,800 m²
Half-units available : yes
Roof installation : yes
Wall installation : yes
Rail Connection :
direct (buildings A, B, C and D)
hub close by (buildings E, F and G)
Container or traditional
Wagon rail hub :

accessible from all billings
Fitted power units : yes
Integrated open offices : yes
Heavy infrastructure : yes
Parking for light duty vehicles : yes
Waiting bays for heavy goods vehicles : yes (sector 1)
Fire Alarm : yes
Sprinkler : ESFR
Hose Station And Extinguishers : yes


 Structure :
Pre-stressed concrete, "aviation®" concrete frames (23 X 24m2)

 Covering :
Multi-layer steel sheeting with corrugation.

 Storage space
(under the frame) :

11.90 to 12.40 metres

 Depth :
120 or 130 metres

 Groung load :
5 t/m²


- Gives you more space
- Helps you get the most out of your industrial park
- Your transport machines get around easier
- Your work platform is more secure

All the advantages
of a concrete structure:

• Extraordinary resistance to fire
• Absolutely no maintenance
• Not affected by exterior, physical or chemical aggression
• A really perceptible durability because the structure ages better over time

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