A strong identity

Even though it is located in an industrial park and despite the extensive infrastructure required, particular care has been taken with the buildings’ architecture.

The building has been designed with the aim of producing simple, free and light spaces.

Starting from a weatherboard covering, two frontage materials are associated with glass and steel around a range of "natural" colours running from ochre to brown.

To avoid the monotony inherent in any group operation, each building has its own colour and can be identified without numbers.

This specific identity is emphasised with customised entrances:
- various sized gantries
- ground markings in different colours
- illuminated masts that provide constant colour lighting for day and night wondering of the site

Great attention has also been paid to the vegetation of the site with structured areas with vast green spaces and generously planted trees and shrubs that flower throughout the year.

A landscaped environment

Even though it is in an industrial park and despite the infrastructure required around the buildings, Cœur d'Europe wants to maintain a strong presence of plants to underline the platform's integration in its own environment.
The general principle behind the layout encourages a variety of plants from high stems to low and humid layers.
A landscape gardener has been asked to develop these areas.
The perimeter fences for the 4 sectors as well as those enclosing buildings A, B, C and D are rigid and made from green-lacquered steel wire, doubled with hedging.

Premises for sale or rent

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